What role does ACL perform in the preneed process?

What role does ACL perform in the preneed process?

Atlantic Coast Life provides preneed life and annuity products to funeral homes that are used as the selected product to fund the future payment for your funeral. These products are used to fund the future payment for your funeral.

Other Preneed FAQ’s

What is Preneed Planning?

Preneed planning is the process of determining your desires concerning your funeral and the arrangements. It involves recording your individual preferences, and also gives you the option to pay for your funeral in advance.

Why do I need to preplan?

Preplanning provides peace of mind because you know for certain that your desires have been communicated and it relieves your family from having to make these decisions.

Can I pay for my funeral today?

Yes you can. And not only do you have the opportunity to pay for it today, but, doing so often means that you can lock in the cost at today’s prices. This provides you the security that the money will be there to pay for your services in the future. Each funeral home makes its own decisions as to whether or not they will “lock in” today’s prices.

Who would I contact to preplan my funeral?

You would contact the funeral home you are most comfortable with. They will have professionals who will explain every aspect of the process.


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