What is the roll up rate?

What is the roll up rate?

Your roll up rate is contract specific. Please call us for your information or it is available in your policy.

Other Helpful Income Navigator FAQ'S

When can I reallocate funds?

  1. Forms are sent out 90 days before your anniversary.
  2. Fill out the form and return it to us 30 days before your policy anniversary.

What accounts should I allocate into?

We are not able to advise you. You will need to speak with an agent or financial advisor.

Do I have any penalty free funds available for withdrawal?

  1. If you have any funds in the fixed account in the first contract year penalty free funds will be available for withdrawal.
  2. After the first year you have up to 10% or your RMD available penalty free.

How is my bonus vested?

Your entire bonus is not vested until the end of the 10 year contract period.

What is the death benefit?

The death benefit is the same as the vested value as of the date of death.

How does the income rider work?

  1. Designed to give income for your lifetime once it is activated.
    • Income payments can be stopped and restarted once it is activated.
  2. Income rider can be removed but cannot be added again and you will be charged the rider fee for the contract year you are in.

What is the amount of income I can get?

You will need to call us to get the amount of income available to you.

What tax forms do you send out?

1099-I and 1099-R tax forms are sent out by January 31st and will include important tax information about any withdrawals you have taken in the previous tax year.

5498 tax forms are informational only and are sent out by May 31st each year only on tax qualified IRA’s.


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