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What Is Preneed Planning?

Preneed Planning is the consultative meeting with a funeral home planning counselor to discuss your personal end of life plans.

How Do I Benefit from Preplanning?

The process provides peace of mind.  You will know your loved ones are being spared all of these difficult decisions, allowing your family to spend quality time together instead of being burdened with many business decisions.

Can I Also Pay for My Funeral Today?

Yes, you can!  And in doing so you can “lock-in” today’s price.  Regardless of future price increases, your cost is based on the price now.  Each funeral home makes its own decision about whether or not they will “lock-in” the price.

What Role Does ACL Perform in the Preneed Process?

Atlantic Coast Life provides access to preneed life and annuity products to funeral homes and their consumers.  These products are specifically designed to fund the future payment of a prearranged funeral.


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