Grow your retirement wealth and protect against future risk with the Guaranteed Income Annuity. This innovative annuity was created to be flexible and cater to differing retirement goals. Optional riders supply a steady stream of income throughout a lifetime, the endowment of invested assets and a secure inheritance to beneficiaries, or the option to combine both benefits for those uncertain of their intentions at retirement. This income driven annuity provides three riders that differ in function to execute the intended retirement strategy to meet the investor’s unique needs.


Interest rates for the Guaranteed Income Annuity are based off the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). The LIBOR is a reliable benchmark rate used throughout the world. LIBOR is widely used in the United States and with many of the world’s leading banks as a reference to what should be charged for lending money to one another. This annuity is benchmarked against the LIBOR, as general interest rates increase, so does the LIBOR and vice versa. Thanks to LIBOR, Atlantic Coast Life can offer clients potential to earn a rewarding return in a rising rate environment. Find out more about LIBOR

Guaranteed Income Annuity Rates

Effective 06/08/2020
10 Year Contract
Premium BonusGLWB Rider:8.00%
Legacy Rider: 10.00% for issue ages under 71
5.00% for issue ages 71-80
3.00% for issue ages 81-85
Accum Rider:10.00% for issue ages under 71
8.00% for issue ages 71-80
6.00% for issue ages 81-85
1st Year Rate1.00% (with subsequent purchase premium)
Current Rate Guarantee2 Yrs
Participation Rate65%
Optional Riders and CostGLWB:1.25% fee years 1-5,
1.60% fee years 6-10
(10 year contract)
Legacy Benefit Rider:1.25% years 1-5
1.60% fee years 6-10
(10 year contract)
Accumulation Rider:No fee
*Death Benefit Feature is required in Florida and is priced into Florida rates. All Florida contracts are issued with the Death Benefit Feature. Owner’s issue age 86-90 for the five, six, seven, and ten year guarantee period and owner’s issue age 70-75 for the twenty year guarantee period are required to purchase Death Benefit Feature. Special introductory cap in the state of Florida. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Quoted rates may vary due to state regulations and taxes. Not all annuities and optional riders are available in all states.


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