• Safe Anchor

As the length of retirement increases, so does the need for a retirement solution that gives you power, options, and benefits.
Safe Anchor Market Guarantee is a 5 year fixed rate with an indexing option plan. Our Safe Anchor Market Guarantee plan gives you the power to decide how your savings grow through our indexing strategies, offers options such as riders to help you customize your plan and adds the benefits of multiple settlement options to choose your return.
•    Fixed Interest Rate: Initial rate is guaranteed for 5 years and is compounded daily
•    Monthly Averaging: Interest Rate based upon average of the 12 monthly closing values in S&P 500® over the policy year, having the potential to yield higher earnings during periods of significant market increases
•    Annual Point to Point: Interest rate is based upon the change in market value over the policy year, letting you get as close as possible to investing direct in the market without exposure to losses
•    Monthly Sum: Interest Rate based upon monthly changes in the market. Offers the opportunity to earn the highest interest and reap the benefits of the market with no risk
Our interest rates for Annual Point to Point, Monthly Averaging, and Monthly Sum are based on the S&P 500®.
With flexibility in settlement options and four optional riders, the Safe Anchor Market Guarantee Annuity offers you a custom solution to fuel your retirement.

  • Safe Anchor Rates
  • Effective 04/20/2020

    1st Year Rate All Other: 2.85% FL: 2.75%
    Current Rate Guarantee 5 Yrs
    Index/Benchmark S&P 500
    Participation Rate 100%
    Optional Riders and Cost Required Minimum Distribution - 0.16% fee
    Preferred 10% Free Withdrawal - 0.15% fee
    Death Benefit Feature - 0.25% fee*
    Accumulated Interest Withdrawal - 0.05% fee
    *Death Benefit Feature is required in Florida and is priced into Florida rates. All Florida contracts are issued with the Death Benefit Feature. Owner’s issue age 86-90 for the five, six, seven, and ten year guarantee period and owner’s issue age 70-75 for the twenty year guarantee period are required to purchase Death Benefit Feature. Special introductory cap in the state of Florida. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Quoted rates may vary due to state regulations and taxes. Not all annuities and optional riders are available in all states.