Note:The processing of your credit/debit card payment is handled by Simply Easier Payments. Inc located in Durham, North Carolina.

Q."Which credit/debit cards can be used to pay my premium?"

A. Simply Easier Payments, Inc will accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Q."When can consumers use a credit/debit card?"

A.Cards can be used for initial premium payments on new business and for payments on existing plans. We consider an early pay off to be a premium payment and cards are acceptable for this purpose.

Q."What are the fees for using a credit/debit card?"

A.Simply Easier Payments, Inc. is an independent payment service that you may use to make your payments.You are contracting with Simply Easier Payments to handle this transaction. Simply Easier Payments, Inc. will inform you of their transaction fee. 

Q."Who pays the fee?"

A.The consumer pays the fee. The premium will show up on the consumer’s credit/debit card statement as a payment to Atlantic Coast Life. The fee for Simply Easier Payments, Inc. will be a separate charge on the same date.

Q."Can I set up recurring card payments on a multi-payment plan?"

A.This option is available through Simply Easier Payments, Inc.

Q."Can a credit card payment be made on a lapsed policy?"

A. No, payments are accepted only on active billing policies.

Q."Can card payments be made on a policy that is currently set-up on a preauthorized check plan or automatic draft?”  

A. No, only direct billed policies can be accepted.

Q. "Why is the card holder’s email address required for credit card payments?"

A. A confirmation of the payment is sent to the email address provided.

Q."Is it possible to make a “combined” credit card payment for more than one policy or insured?"

A. No, only one policy per transaction is allowed. Separate transactions must be entered for each policy/insured.

Q."Is it possible to split the total amount due into multiple payments to avoid a higher fee?"

A. No, the entire payment amount must be entered as one transaction. Failure to comply with this requirement may jeopardize your ability to make future credit/debit card payments.

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*Simply Easier Payments is a third-party card processing vendor that will handle your credit card payments. By using their service, you are contracting directly with Simply Easier Payments. The transaction will be processed through SEP’s website and you will be charged a Security and Delivery fee that will be paid to Simply Easier Payments. The Security and Delivery fee is not a part of the payment you are making to Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company.

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